whoever sent me an ask it aint showin up

go to jail or hell or both

this is making me anxious the day befor i leave because im afraid ill be stuck on a super long car trip without closure or explanation or an ending to this.

thi isnt vague posting its fuck posting and its is an art qiuiet frankly :)

no more lying. no more hiding. *runs, hides, turns off ask box, migrates to other sites, stops posting on blog where all the information about abuse is available*

your going to hell.

your going to hell.

imunna turn on anon till vacations over

"im learning the hard way" oh boohoo i had a callout post made against my years of sexual harassment, this is so hard, in other news im not actually going to fess up to my real life friends and family members nor seek rehabilitation or own up to legal authorities about what i did. I am paying the price at its fullest :’(

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ooo have fun at vacation ^^

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hope you have fun chloe!!

THANK U BOTH, i hope i can go swimming at some big hotel pools or something >:}

anyway this all came up right before vacation so im gona be gone tomorrow cuz my fam’s driving to california. ill have limited internet access for the next 2 weeks. i gotta get back to packin so See Ya